How to Turn Your Cheap Meat Cutlets into More Tender Meat Cuts

Tender Skirt Steaks Saudi Arabia

Did you know that by simply cutting your steak in a different manner can result in a more tender outcome? Did you ever imagine that your “overly tough” and “chewy” flank steak can be nearly just as tender as your high-end strip steaks? It all comes down to how a steak is cooked, what its final internal temperature is, and how you’ve cut your steak after you’ve cooked it!

The most important thing to consider when you’re carving your steak in preparation of serving it is whether you’re cutting with, or against the grain. In practically all instances of cutting your steak, it’s best to cut against the grain. This holds especially true for “tougher” cuts, such as flank, or skirt steak. Simply by cutting the steak against the grain you could end up with a steak nearly 400% more tender than if you had cut the same steak with the grain.

Because of the connective tissues being much less “tough” than the muscle fibers within a steak, cutting against the grain of the muscle fibers is paramount. Just by performing this simple, highly effective cutting method your flank steak could easily rival the tenderness of exponentially more expensive cuts of meat. So, don’t always assume that just because you have flank steak that you can’t ultimately grill a tender, juicy meal for you and those dining with you.

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