What is Smoked Sea Salt and How do You Use it?

Smoked Sea Salt in Saudi Arabia

While you may have certainly heard of sea salt before, have you ever heard of smoked sea salt? Chances are, you more than likely have not heard of it. Truly, that is a shame. Smoked sea salts can aid you in adding a unique touch to all your favorite dishes, no matter the type of dish you’ve prepared. The range of flavors you can add to your favorite foods through our many different types of smoked sea salts is beyond any other market in Saudi Arabia or the entire Middle East.

When utilizing smoked sea salts, you’re immediately going to want to overdo it. The unbelievable aroma of our smoked sea salts will cause you to want to cover your food in it. Don’t forget, however, it’s still salt and you should start light and continually perform taste tests to ensure you’re not overpowering your food with saltiness. That being said, the range of uses for smoked sea salts is an extreme benefit and something that simply cannot be overstated.

So when should you use smoked sea salts? Truth be told that’s completely up to you and what you like. But, there are a few items that go extremely well with smoked sea salts. Utilization as a dry rub for your meat cuts is a perfect example. You can use only the smoked sea salt when prepping your beef, poultry or fish for cooking, or you can use it in conjunction with a variety of spices. The versatility of smoked sea salts is another reason it’s so great. It’s also an excellent alternative to actually smoking your meats on the grill. When you don’t want to spend hours adding charcoal and wood chips to the grill, you can simply add smoked sea salts to get that smoked flavor without all the hassle. In addition to this, you can even add the smoky flavor to your meats in the oven or the stove as smoked sea salts are completely indoor friendly.  Adding smoked sea salts to your meats prior to cooking them can help retain juiciness and increase their overall flavoring exponentially.

Utilizing smoked sea salts on your meats really seems like a “no-brainer”. It’s all the other uses that make smoked sea salts so incredible. When preparing your sauces and garnishes, it’s perfect. If either salting your corn on the cob with it, or looking to add more flavor to your barbecue sauce, smoked sea salts can handle all of it. Utilizing smoked sea salts on your sweets is becoming more and more popular. Are you tired of eating your bland snacks in between meals? If so, a pinch of smoked sea salts can make all the difference in the world. Don’t forget about your breakfast either, you can turn your normal routine morning meal and really enhance the flavoring. Once again, the versatility of smoked sea salts is something that cannot be overstated. It truly is a “must have” kitchen item.

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