Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt

himalayan pink crystal salt in Saudi Arabia

Many people are discovering something new in their local grocery stores, it is pink salt. Not only is it pink salt, it’s pink Himalayan crystal salt. The question you’re probably asking is, “why is the salt pink and what makes it any different from ordinary table salt?” These are excellent questions, and we will inform you on exactly what pink Himalayan crystal salt is and what differentiates it from ordinary table salt.

The first thing you need to know about your everyday iodized table salt is that it is highly refined. Essentially, iodized salt is in fact sodium chloride (NaCl), aka salt, just not in its natural form. Due to the amount of refinement of iodized salt, you’ll probably end up using more in order to get the desired flavor. This could lead to massively exceeding your recommended daily intake of sodium, which is linked to several health disorders.

Pink Himalayan crystal salt is much different than iodized table salt. First, it’s completely natural and is not put through any refinement process.[1] Due to not being refined, the salt packs all the flavor you would find in iodized salt, just with much less actual sodium chloride (NaCl). This can be highly beneficial from a health standpoint. Taking in less sodium can help alleviate many health disorders, such as high blood pressure. Also, there is no artificially added iodine as it’s strictly organic. Liken pink Himalayan crystal salt to honey, and iodized table salt to refined cane sugar.

With all this in mind, pink Himalayan crystal salt is absolutely perfect for barbecuing, sautéing or seasoning your favorite dish. From breakfast to a steak dinner, pink Himalayan crystal salt can add the perfect amount of flavor to your dish without introducing fillers, iodine and unhealthy amounts of sodium to the dish as well. Backyard is the number one supplier of nearly every type of organic salt you could ever need to add to your spice accoutrements.

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