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Welcome to our knowledge center! Throughout the proceeding articles you will find information absolutely pertinent to maintaining your backyard and all its appliances. Within our knowledge center, you will find all the information and answers to your questions that you need. We are the premier outdoor kitchen and grill supplier of Saudi Arabia. All of our products, which are top-of-the-line, are imported from the U.S. and are all backed up with warranties. Unlike most storefronts, we also carry spare parts; making it easy for our customers to simply come to any of our locations and pick up a needed spare part without extra time for shipping being involved.

At Backyard Middle East, we strive to educate our customers in all areas of their backyard’s equipment. We will provide information on everything from warranties, to how to properly clean your grill. This is what differentiates us from other backyard equipment suppliers. We don’t simply sell you a product and leave it there, we take our time to provide excellent customer service and make sure you know we are here to help. We hold our customer service to the same high standards and quality of our products. With product lines such as: Weber, Bull, and Kamado Joe, ensuring that your backyard appliances work as efficiently and effectively as possible is our number one goal.

Please read through our many highly informative articles and educate yourself on our products and how to best maintain them. If at any time you can’t find information or an answer to a question within our knowledge center, feel free to call us at +966 13 845 6798.