Ceramic Grills

What is the difference between a ceramic grill and a metal grill? What are the advantages of having a ceramic grill? You may find yourself asking these questions. Allow us to fully inform you on the numerous benefits of ceramic grills. First, ceramic grills have the following advantages over metal grills: Metal grills pull in much more air in order to efficiently heat the prepared food, this in turn leads to the moisture being removed from the food and drying out the food. Also, metal grills burn fuel less efficiently than a ceramic grill due to constant energy/heat loss through the metal itself.

Ceramic dome grills, like the Kamado Joe® Classic, were developed with the intention of fixing the inefficiencies of metal grills. The most important aspect of cooking food on a grill, especially meats, is the simple fact that your food retains its juiciness. The material used in the creation of ceramic grills allows for the heat to properly flow within the grill and essentially bounce back the heat to provide for a more constant cooking temperature without the loss of the food's moisture.

Whether you are planning on cooking steaks, pizzas, or any other food at your next barbecue, your best bet is the innovative design of the ceramic grill. By eliminating the inefficiencies that metal grills have, ceramic grills have become the top of the line in allowing for the best cooked food at your next outdoor gathering or dinner. The key to cooking is temperature control and that is exactly what a ceramic grill was designed for. Your guests will not believe the juiciness and richness of the food they are enjoying. If you have any questions about ceramic grills, or want to know more about our vast collection of ceramic grills, call us at +966 13 845 6798. We are more than happy to answer any and all of your questions and fully educate you on the different types of ceramic grills and all they have to offer.