How to Grill Corn Properly

When it comes to grilling vegetables, people seem to be very apprehensive to do so. There are also grilling aficionados who excel in grilling vegetables. We’re here for anyone who is uncertain as to how to properly grill their vegetables. We will start with a very easy, yet very popular vegetable, corn.

For starters, you’ll want to use corn that is still in the husk. This is very important. You will want to cut off the exposed brown colored silk and keep peeling off layers of the husk until you are able to see at least some kernels poking through the husk. By doing this, the flavor of your charcoal grill will be able to permeate through to the corn kernels.

Next, you’ll need to lay the corn ears on and next to the embers. Turn them as the husks begin to darken in sections. Be careful not to leave the corn unattended as your husk may light on fire and burn your corn. Also, you do not want too much of the charcoal flavor overpowering the natural corn flavor. Simply put, keep an eye on every single ear of corn.

Once the corn’s husk is darkened congruently throughout, it’s time to remove it from the grill. After you remove the corn from the grill you will need to let it sit and cool. The reason for letting it cool is to make sure you can peel the husk off without severely burning your fingers. Once you have removed all the remaining husks, you can now begin to season your corn.

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