Outdoor Lighting Design Increases Beauty and the Amount of Time You Can Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Areas

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we strive to enhance our clients’ outdoor living experience by increasing their home’s curb appeal and allowing them to enjoy their outdoor living areas longer into the evening. The design of the lighting system is absolutely essential. It is for this very reason that we will come to your home with actual battery powered Outdoor Lighting Perspectives fixtures and go through the design process with you. If the lighting is not properly planned, your home will not gain the benefit of additional beauty, nor will it allow you to spend time in your outdoor living areas longer into the evening.

Every single outdoor lighting installation is designed with our clients’ goals in mind. It is important for us to know and understand what they are expecting from the lighting and which areas they would like to see better illuminated.

There are several different techniques used to meet our clients’ wants when it comes to outdoor lighting. These techniques are tried and tested and are the most up to date methods on the market. These different techniques include:

  • Uplighting – This consists of installing fixtures at ground level with the light shooting upward to illuminate facades and key landscaping elements (retaining walls, garden ornaments, etc.).
  • Path lighting – Through the use of knee-high fixtures that shoot light downward, pathways and walkways that were once completely dark will be illuminated providing a safe environment.
  • Deck and patio lighting – Through our expertise and experience and the implementation of strategically placed lighting fixtures, your deck or patio can be used whenever you like.
  • Shadowing – This process consists of using light to accentuate the shadow of a fountain, statue, tree or other element.
  • Spotlighting – This process is implemented specifically to make an object stand out by shooting light directly at it.

The vast majority of our low-voltage lighting systems include at least two of these lighting techniques; each technique has its own individual purpose. If you have questions regarding outdoor lighting design or how lights can enhance your property, don’t hesitate to call us today at +966 13 845 6798.