Charcoal Grills VS Gas Grills

Charcoal grills VS gas grills is a debate sure to go on forever. There are plenty of reasonable arguments to be had by proponents of both equipment types. If you’re looking for easy, reliable “click-of-a-button” grilling, then gas grills are for you. If you are looking for added flavor, simply enjoy being in control of heat levels or love the smell of charcoal, then charcoal grills are for you. Let’s take a look at the primary differences between the two to see which best fits your particular style of grilling.

Charcoal grills are easily the simplest grills to work with as far as assembly goes. But when it comes to preparing food, it is a sweet science to some. Burning charcoal produces smoky aromas and residue that stick to the surface of grilled foods. This aroma, once mastered, will make charcoal grilling the only way to grill for some. Charcoal grills are unanimously the favorite grill to turn to in terms of barbecuing. By being able to move the charcoal around while cooking, you can use both direct and indirect heat simultaneously. Charcoal grills come in different forms intended for different uses. See below:

  • The Kettle Grill: This is the most popular form of charcoal grills. It has a deep, rounded metal bowl that allows for an even heat transfer throughout the entire grilling surface.
  • The Ceramic Grill: Consisting of dense walls and lids, these grills have an unrivaled retention of heat and radiation which allows the grill to cook foods from all directions. Keep in mind, however, ceramic grills can be expensive!
  • The Portable Grill: This particular charcoal grill is most seen at sporting events, and other areas where easy transport is needed. They’re primarily designed for cooking smaller food items such as hot dogs and hamburgers. These are at the lower end of the price range.

Gas grills are for the most part, extremely easy to operate. They mostly all run on propane gas stored in a tank underneath the actual grill. If you have a high-end gas grill and your home runs on natural gas, you have the option of connecting your gas grill directly to your natural gas line. Usually grilling with indirect heat with gas grills is more problematic than with charcoal grills. While you have numerous controls which allow for various amounts of gas to flow, they don’t have the same bowl design that charcoal kettle grills have. Simply put, gas grills are for the griller who doesn’t want to make an all-day event out of cooking their food, it’s quick and easy.

Gas grills offer the most convenience and control. Some gas grills come equipped with infrared burners that allow for more vapors to be put back into the meat. The one area where gas grills hold an advantage over charcoal grills is through their accessories. Many gas grills come with side burners upon which you can keep your sauces warm or even cook a side dish. The accessories are copious; lights for grilling at night, side tables for easy preparation and cooking, spice racks, storage drawers, you name it and their probably is an accessory for it.

Both charcoal and gas grills can be complemented with accessories to make your grilling experience as wonderful as possible. It simply takes time and experience with grilling to see which grill you prefer. So if given the chance while at your friends’ homes, use their grills and see if you notice a difference you find more to your liking. We at Backyard Middle East have all the knowledge and information you could possibly need in order to find out which grill is best for you as well as all the accessories to add to your plethora of grilling euphoria. To find out more about charcoal grills VS gas grills, call us at +966 13 845 6798 and we will be more than happy to answer any and all of your questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon!