Choosing Your Outdoor Kitchen's Grill

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When adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard, one of the most important decisions you can make pertains to what type and manufacturer of grill you want implemented. There are numerous brand names, yet there are only really 2 different types; charcoal or gas. Choosing the correct grill can literally make or break your outdoor kitchen.

Think about how you want your outdoor kitchen to be utilized first. This will more than likely help you to answer the question as to which type of grill do you want, charcoal or gas. If you are looking to have a seamless experience with cooking and preparing food, then you more than likely are going to want to go with the gas grill. Gas grills are great for their easiness to operate. With just the turn of a knob and the click of a button, you’re ready to grill. You won’t have to spend time babysitting the coals, checking the temperature fluctuations and creating venting throughout the cooking process. Charcoal grills can be utilized, but only for the most experienced grilling masters on an outdoor kitchen. It is important to remember that you can always purchase a smaller grill on the side for smoking and other less frequently utilized cooking methods.

As for which brand of grill manufacturer to select, it’s imperative to look into the quality of the grill. Due to your grill needing to be capable of withstanding the elements, you should lean more toward a stainless steel grill. Ensure the grill is 304, 16 gauge stainless steel construction, the industry standard so you know that it is a tried and proven grill for maintaining its exterior even while withstanding the elements day in and day out. By fully researching several grills, you will have a much better idea of what you’re getting into. Look for legitimate reviews of each grill and use those to formulate a general idea of the best grill for you and your outdoor kitchen.

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