How to Properly Grill Fish

How to Grill Fish Properly Saudi Arabia

Grilling fish is considered by many, even the most experienced, grillers as the most difficult food to grill. Whether it’s because of the temperature not being completely perfect, the fish sticking to the grilling grates, or the fish completely falling apart when you’re attempting to remove it from the grill, grilling fish can prove to be quite the challenge. With that in mind, here are a few ways to improve your success rate at grilling fish by properly doing so.

First off, overdoing anything when it comes to fish is going to prove detrimental. When preparing your fish, don’t overindulge the use of marinade nor the time for which you let it marinade. Whereas with beef you can marinade the meat for many, many hours to add sufficient flavoring, when it comes to fish you need to limit both the time and amount or you’ll end up with a pasty outcome. Also, when it comes to grilling fish, don’t ever overcook the fish or you will end up with a crispy piece of unrecognizable texture.

While avoiding overcooking, this entails only the duration for which the fish is on the grill. High heat in a short duration will allow you to achieve the best results. Through utilizing high heat you’ll be able to create a slight crust on the fish’s surface, in turn allowing for the fish to not stick to the grilling grates as easily as they would if they were subjected to a slow, lower heat. So remember, high heat, shorter cooking duration is the key.

If you want to avoid your fish sticking to the grill, don’t flip it! Every time you flip your fish on the grill you exponentially increase the chances of the fish crumbling. Keeping that in mind, only turn the fish one time. Remember, fish breaking apart on the grill is the most common problem, so flipping it once is the best way to reduce your chances of this problem occurring.

To further assist yourself in grilling your fish, grill the first side longest. This is done in order to create the slight crust that will prevent the fish from, again, sticking to the grill grates. Make certain to cook the fish while the grill lid is closed from start to finish. The reason for doing this is to make certain the upper layer of the fish is cooking thoroughly while you’re creating the slight crust on the initial first-cook side of the fish. By following this advice, you will end up with a thoroughly cooked cut of fish that won’t crumble when you try to remove it from the grill, and most importantly, will be hearty and savory without a pasty, or mushy composition. It will be just right!

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