General Safety

General Grilling Safety

Grilling seems like a simple enough task. But there are numerous safety measures to take into account when proceeding to take upon one of your favorite things, cooking out. Whether utilizing a gas or charcoal grill, there come certain safety measures you should always follow. Let’s explore some of these safety measures together.

First, when operating a new grill, always make certain to read the owner’s manual! This, a lot like “Yes, I agree to the terms and conditions”, often goes unread. Also, never forget that grills radiate heat when in use. Keep in mind items near and around the grill that could ignite if left near the heat source for long enough. Keeping in mind the heat being emitted from a grill, ensure that you’re using proper tools that allow for a long enough handle to avoid burning your hands or arms. This also includes making certain you’re not wearing clothing that could combust, things such as loose long sleeves.

When it comes to gas grill safety, there are numerous things to take into account. Remember, grease is extremely flammable. They are in fact one of the most difficult types of fires to put out. To avoid having to deal with this problem, make sure you’re utilizing a grease catch pan on your grill. If you do find yourself with a huge grease fire flare up, never, ever use water to try and put it out. Simply turn off the grill and step away until the flames dissipate. If you throw water on the grill, you’re going to only spread the fire around. Most importantly, when not utilizing a propane tank on your grill, never store them indoors. Should a fire break out, you have a highly incendiary device which will only add exponentially to the already burning flames.

Charcoal grills are an entirely different thing in terms of safety. First, the burning of charcoal puts out deadly, toxic fumes. Most notably, carbon monoxide. Utilizing a charcoal grill indoors or in a closed in area can result in carbon monoxide poisoning or death. When it comes to starting charcoal, never use anything other than starter fluid (if you must at all). By putting gasoline on the charcoal, you won’t be able to see the invisible cloud of volatile fumes from the petrol and may be on the receiving end of a vicious burn or even an explosion. For this very same reason, always open the lid prior to lighting the charcoal. Any noxious fumes that are built up inside the grill with a closed lid could result in an explosion or giant fireball. 

As we are probably all aware, charcoal creates ash once it’s completely burned through. These ashes are still extremely hot and are capable of igniting any combustible material. For this reason, never operate a charcoal grill unless it has a fully functioning ash catcher properly attached. Charcoal’s burning speed is directly correlated with the amount of oxygen it is allowed. In the case of flare ups, or to simply extinguish the coals, completely close the vents on the grill. Without being fed oxygen, the coals will be smothered out.

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