How to Utilize a Rotisserie

How to Rotisserie Saudi Arabia

Have you always felt like you wanted to be a complete grill master, then you realize your grill is equipped with the rotisserie option and you feel intimidated? Fear not, setting up your grill’s rotisserie is actually much easier than you think. At Backyard, we want to help everyone overcome their hesitancy to utilize new or seemingly challenging grilling techniques. By providing you with our knowledge, you will be capable of expanding your grilling repertoire.

So, you have your grill with the rotisserie motor and it even came with a spit, which you more than likely never even took out of the packaging. What to do now? First, find your spit (the long metal device you were too scared to use for all this time.) Next, you will need spit forks and trussing twine. Trussing twine is simply butcher’s twine, they’re virtually one in the same. Also, since you’ll be so close to the heat, having a pair of heat-proof gloves is something we strongly advise.

Believe it or not, one of the most important items to have is the trussing twine. The twine will keep your meat or poultry secured to the spit and keep it from unraveling while the meat or poultry is cooking. You don’t want to open the lid on your grill to find your food flailing about. So, before you get your meat or poultry anywhere near the grill, secure your meat to the spit utilizing trussing twine. Just to be sure you did it correctly, have a dry test-run (no heat on, just making sure the meat or poultry rotates without coming apart).

The most popular method of cooking your meat or poultry on the rotisserie is indirect heat. Weber® recommends “setting up your grill for indirect heat, with a drip pan in the middle, between the lit burners or the coals”. Once you have the grill preheated, it’s now time to insert the spit into the rotisserie motor (make sure to use heat-proof gloves!). Next, turn the rotisserie motor on and evaluate if your trussing twine is still holding up properly; let the meat or poultry go through a few revolutions for a pretty good idea if everything’s in order.

Lastly, leave the grill lid closed! In order to keep a consistent cooking temperature, your grill lid needs to remain on as long as possible, no matter how badly you want to keep checking on the meat or poultry. To best keep an eye on your meat or poultry, check it every 30 minutes or so using a kitchen timer simply to remind yourself. Your cooking time will depend upon the meat or poultry size itself. The most effective method of finishing off your rotisserie is with high heat, especially the infrared option if your grill is equipped to do so. By moving the rotisserie to the high heat, the outer layer of the meat or poultry will become crispy and more flavorful. Be careful not to leave your meat or rotisserie on the high heat for too long as it is easy to burn. Once you feel as though your rotisserie’s exterior has a delicious, crispy finishing touch to it, it’s time to check the temperature. It is here that having an internal temperature thermometer is so helpful. Once your meat or poultry has cooked to its appropriate internal temperature, it’s now time to remove the spit from the grill (don’t forget your heat-proof gloves!)

Now, you may wonder what to do with your spit that’s so tightly conjoined to your meat or poultry. First, remove the spit forks (again, heat-proof gloves still being worn). Then take your spit with the meat still on it to an area where you can safely place your meat or poultry. Immediately cut the trussing/butcher’s twine and completely remove it from your meat or poultry. Now you can gently slide the meat or poultry onto your prepared surface. Do Not Immediately Begin to Carve Your Meat or Poultry! Give your meat or poultry time to rest, just as you would with a steak fresh from the grill (~15 minutes of resting time). Then you can carve your meat or poultry.

If you have always wondered how to properly utilize your grill’s rotisserie option but felt intimidated, you can always rely on Backyard to help you on your endeavor. If you have any questions about how to best utilize your rotisserie, or to find spit forks or trussing twine, contact us today at +966.13.845.6798. We are the number one supplier of top-quality grilling products and can help answer any and all of your grilling questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon and happy rotisserie grilling!