Ceramic Grill Safety

Ceramic Grill Safety Saudi Arabia

Just as with any other grill, ceramic grills should be handled with the utmost safety. After all, failing to do so could result in serious injury or even a massive fire. Ceramic grills do have a few differences regarding their correct, safe operation. It’s important to educate yourself on these differences in order to safely operate your ceramic grill.

First, whenever you’re transporting your grill, please don’t attempt to lift it by the hinge. We recommend you find a partner to help you lift and place the grill down into its operational position. Second, just like nearly all other grills, we strongly advise against operating the grill within an enclosed area. They are strictly for outdoor use and you should be mindful of any surrounding foliage which may be susceptible to incineration from the grill’s heat. After all, burning charcoal produces toxic carbon monoxide which is extremely lethal if inhaled in large quantities.

We highly recommend you never utilize lighter fluid within your ceramic grill. It’s best to utilize only lump charcoal which is free of tars and other components which may cause your food to taste strangely.

The hinges on your ceramic grill need attention. The constant opening and closing of the grill may cause slight tension in the hinge over time. In order to keep the hinge from locking up, it’s important to lubricate the hinge twice a year at least. Also, in order to ensure your lid is securely held by the hinge bands, we recommend tightening the band bolts with an open end wrench.

Now, in our opinion, this part is extremely important – use extreme caution when opening the grill once you have closed the top and bottom vents in order to suffocate the charcoals. The hot coals, starved of oxygen, are extremely combustible. If you open the lid and a quick rush of air hits the hot coals, you could end up with a flashback, which is essentially a near explosion of heat and steam all at once. So, slowly open the lid allowing the heat and steam to escape in an orderly manner.

While your ceramic grill will produce minimal ash, you still need to keep the bottom vent clean. Failure to do so could result in the grill not operating properly. The reason for this is the accumulation of ash coating or covering the bottom vent will undoubtedly slow down air flow or block it altogether. No air flow, no fire. You will need to ensure the charcoal ash is cool, then you may empty out the ash into a receptacle. Make certain the coals are completely out when disposing of them or you could cause a house fire!

Rarely will you need to clean your ceramic grill, as it is self-cleaning. All you need to do is to heat your ceramic grill to ~500°F to completely vanquish any leftover food particles or pieces or debris from the grill’s interior. If you do find it absolutely imperative to clean your ceramic grill, make certain not to utilize an overtly abrasive tool, by cleaning the grids with too harsh an instrument you may damage or remove the porcelain finish which keeps food from sticking (what makes a ceramic grill so great to begin with!)

If you have any other questions regarding your ceramic grill, or simply need spare parts or repair, Backyard is the place to turn to. Contact us today at +966.13.845.6798 and we will be more than happy to assist you. After all, we are the number one provider of ceramic grills in Saudi Arabia and the entire Middle East. We look forward to hearing from you, and happy, safe grilling!