White Glove Delivery

How many times have you ordered something and upon delivery, your home looks like a landfill after everything’s unpacked. Or, have you had to jump through hoops just to ensure that you’re at home for a delivery at a specified time; a time that of course is not of your choosing? Backyard’s white glove delivery service makes the shipment of your outdoor living product completely seamless.

As soon as your purchase order goes through and it is ready for delivery, we will communicate with you and find a time most suitable for you. Our thoroughly- trained delivery staff will carefully and meticulously take your order out of our delivery truck, ascertain that all parts of your order are present and accounted for, meticulously unwrap each piece, and then place them in whichever location of your home you desire.

Once your order has been unwrapped and unpackaged, our delivery team will completely clean all your order’s pieces and will thoroughly inspect each piece for any damage that may have occurred during your order’s shipment. If there is any damage at all, we will address the issue and immediately resolve it.

Finally, our thoroughly trained delivery team will ensure your outdoor living space won’t be left with piles of wrapping, packing tape, or binding straps. Our team will remove any leftover wrapping and packaging that they brought with them, leaving you only with the product you ordered and no leftover scraps. Your purchased order will be setup completely, wiped off completely, and all leftover packing materials will be taken away by our delivery staff. If at any time you need to contact us, feel free to call us at your convenience at +966.13.845.6798.

The Knowledge Center

Welcome to our knowledge center! Throughout the proceeding articles you will find information absolutely pertinent to maintaining your backyard and all its appliances. Within our knowledge center, you will find all the information and answers to your questions that you need. We are the premier outdoor kitchen and grill supplier of Saudi Arabia. All of our products, which are top-of-the-line, are imported from the U.S. and are all backed up with warranties. Unlike most storefronts, we also carry spare parts; making it easy for our customers to simply come to any of our locations and pick up a needed spare part without extra time for shipping being involved.

At Backyard Middle East, we strive to educate our customers in all areas of their backyard’s equipment. We will provide information on everything from warranties, to how to properly clean your grill. This is what differentiates us from other backyard equipment suppliers. We don’t simply sell you a product and leave it there, we take our time to provide excellent customer service and make sure you know we are here to help. We hold our customer service to the same high standards and quality of our products. With product lines such as: Weber, Bull, and Kamado Joe, ensuring that your backyard appliances work as efficiently and effectively as possible is our number one goal.

Please read through our many highly informative articles and educate yourself on our products and how to best maintain them. If at any time you can’t find information or an answer to a question within our knowledge center, feel free to call us at +966 13 845 6798.

Backyard Cleaning & Maintenance Service

Once your products have been delivered, our work has just begun. We provide dedicated service and support for the long run, because we want your products to keep performing beautifully and efficiently.

All of our cleaning services are performed on-site using environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning solutions. In addition to cleaning we also offer maintenance. With our years of experience, it is our goal to offer the best cleaning and maintenance services that can be achieved in the marketplace today.

If at any time you can’t find information or an answer to a question within our knowledge center, or have a more specific question regarding cleaning and maintenance, feel free to call us at +966 13 845 6798.

Backyard Middle East's Rewards Program

There are several reasons to come visit our store. Not only will you get to see a plethora of beautiful grills and outdoor kitchen options, but we have an excellent reward program for those that do visit. The great thing about our rewards program is the various ways in which you can earn points. It is very important to note that our rewards points never expire and the more points you accumulate, ultimately means the more savings you get!

In order to enroll in Perkville's many fabulous customer loyalty reward programs, simply click HERE to create an account. After you've created your account, you can redeem your points, when eligible, by logging in to your Perkville account and clicking on the business name in blue on your 'Home' page.

Here is a breakdown of how our rewards program works:


Points never expire and the more points you accumulate the more savings you get!


If you ever have any questions, we are always more than willing to answer them. You can give us a call at +966 13 845 6798 we will help you with any questions you have, ranging from our rewards program to any questions you have about our top-notch products. Educating our customers has always been and always will be of our utmost concern.

In order to learn about our many ways to redeem points, please click HERE.