Frequently Asked Questions Test

What is Backyard store all about?

Backyard is the Kingdom's 1st specialty Outdoor Living Store. We currently specialize in the following:
- Outdoor Products (Grills, Fireplaces, Gazebos, Grilling Accessories, Planters, Grilling Books, other)
- Outdoor Living (Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Lighting, Outdoor Fire Features)
- the Market (Gourmet Provisions and Bespoke Butchery)

Why should I buy a Grill from Backyard and not from another store?

Backyard is the only store that provides Warranty on its grills as well as carries Spare Parts. We consider any grill we sell an investment for you where you want to enjoy the benefits for years to come without being worried if the burner or the grill handle breaks up on you.

Besides Grills, do you provide warranty on other products? 

Yes. Beside Grills, limited warranty is provided on most of the products. Please ask one of our Associates for details.

Q. What about prices, are you the lowest in the market?

Yes. We guarantee our prices are the market most competitive for any product we sell. If a store sells the same item with the same benefits we offer at a cheaper price, we will return to you the difference plus an additional 10% worth of points under "Backyard Membership Reward Program". Kindly note, this does not include other stores special promotions. At Backyard, we guarantee providing our customers with the market best value for each item we sell. 

Do you offer special benefits to Backyard clients?

Yes. All our customers can enroll on "Backyard Membership Reward Program" which enables each customer for point's accumulation (1 Point per each SAR 1 spent). Accumulated points can be redeemed for cash savings as per the following grid:

Number of Points
Cash Saving Amount
500 Points
SAR 10 off any purchase
1,000 Points
SAR 25 off any purchase
5,000 Points
SAR 175 off any purchase
10,000 Points
SAR 500 off any purchase

In addition, registered members will be the 1st to know of our special offers, promotions, and new products.
More details can be found by following the below link:

Are there other ways to accumulate points without purchasing or spending money?

Yes. We always value our customers and there is no need to spend money to accumulate points by doing any of the following

Points Rewarded
Visiting Backyard store
+20 Points
Referring a friend 
+ 50 Points
Posting a comment on Backyard Facebook page
+ 20 Points
Posting a comment on Backyard Twitter page
+ 20 Points

Q. How do I know the number of points accumulated? Do I need to report each purchase I do? How do I print the Cash Savings Voucher?

It is all fully automated. We are proud to be the Middle East 1st store to partner with Perkville, a revolutionary loyalty program. Through Perkville, you can earn, accumulate and redeem points fully online. Just make sure to register at 

Do you have Delivery service? If yes, do you have Assembly service as well?

Yes. Products that qualify for "Backyard Delivery and Assembly Service" will be delivered to your door, brought to the area of your choice, unpacked, and assembled for you and all packing materials will be taken away. Currently, "Backyard Delivery and Assembly Service" is available only in the cities of Al Khobar, Dhahran, and Dammam. We can arrange delivery to other cities depending on availability, please ask one of our Associates for details.

Q. Do you provide maintenance? 

Yes we do and more details can be found on our Knowledge Center by following the below link:

Do you provide custom designs for Outdoor Kitchen Projects?  

Yes. In fact, having a 3D design is a must before we progress with any project and we will be more than happy to assist any customer with the design as well as selecting the grills, components, and finishing materials. Feel free to approach one of our Associates for details.

Q. Can I buy my own finishing materials for the Outdoor Kitchen Island?

Sure, and we will charge you only with the labor amount. In fact, we buy all projects finishing materials from the market.

Q. If I have a contractor, will it be possible to only buy the Outdoor Kitchen Grill as well as the Components without installation by Backyard staff?

Yes. However, there will be a limitation on the warranty provided.

I already constructed an Outdoor Kitchen Island from Backyard sometime back, however, I am now moving to a new home and wondering if you can relocate the island to the new place? 

Absolutely! Just contact one of our Associates and we will be more than happy to help you with the move.

Regarding Backyard Outdoor Lighting service, how is it different from other providers in the market? 

For this business, we partnered with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives “OLP”, the largest professional landscape lighting company on North America. OLP provides turnkey solution on all outdoor lighting projects from design to installation and service. All fixtures are made of heavy gauge brass and copper and uses the most advanced LED technology featuring CREE® chips. Please ask one of our Associates for more details in our Outdoor Lighting business.