Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Do you have outdoor living spaces that you would love to enjoy during the evening hours? If so, we have the remedy. Our top-of-the-line fixtures, only made of brass and copper, can provide you and your family with carefully designed outdoor lighting. Not only will your yard have a pleasant, glowing ambiance, but it will also be easier to walk to and from your outdoor living spaces during the nighttime. The attention to detail and quality of service are something we like to call “The OLP Difference”.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives as an entity has 15+ years of experience in the outdoor lighting field. They are also the largest professional landscape lighting company in North America with more than 50 locations nationally and abroad. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is proud to have completed more than 100,000 residential installations worldwide.


The design aspect is incredibly important to the eventual installation of your outdoor lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives provides customized lighting design for any property or landscape. The Outdoor Lighting Perspectives consultant will us the lighting principles of safety, security, usability and aesthetics to create a cohesive design. Most importantly, the consultant’s focus will be on the lighting effect and not the source. Each system is designed with expansion in mind for future cost savings for the customer.

The installation is a carefully monitored and conducted operation. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives uses the field-tested best practices since 1998 and uses secure and water tight connections. The electric code is always taken into account when burying wire; making certain it is performed properly. By adhering to established standards of care for each client’s property, your property will be treated with the utmost respect. Nighttime adjustments ensure the designs integrity and make certain your outdoor lighting is installed exactly as was intended.

Quality of services is absolutely unrivaled. It includes one year of service included with the installation price. There are also numerous ongoing maintenance plans from which to choose. Last but not least, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives provides expert troubleshooting on all systems.

As mentioned previously, the products are all top-of-the-line. These consist of heavy gauge brass and copper fixture housings. Also used are the most advanced LED technology featuring CREE® chips. Furthermore, commercial grade, stainless steel transformers are always used to ensure optimum performance and lifespan.

The warranty on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ products is excellent. All fixtures and transformers have an unmatched warranty. Simply put, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ warranty is unrivaled in the field of outdoor lighting.

To see exactly how well established Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is, feel free to visit our website or click here to download the full catalog.