The Market

Proudly introducing The Market. Over the last two years, we have been working hard on developing our food business, which introduce and support products that meet our - and your - uncompromising standards. Throughout our development process we devote our attention to every aspect of the operations and we have searched the globe to find the best meat and gourmet products suppliers.

In the butchery business, we are simply meat purveyors of distinction as our meat is of the absolute finest quality. We have secured farmers that source the best livestock year round and ensure it meets high standards in both quality and consistency. In addition, the Market follows a grading system that ensures superior quality and we prioritized our business model for ensuring our customers receiving service that cannot be matched. Our beef is imported from farms of choice for top and Michelin starred restaurants and high end retailers across the globe; in fact, we will only import prime grade beef which represents the top 3% of all meat in the world.  It is because of the high standards we hold, it allows us ensuring that you will be getting the juiciest, most savory meat possible. We also ensure following sustainable and ethical farming practices, as our selected farmers’ cattle are pasture raised and hormone free. Ethical practices not only align with the Market values, they also guarantee the superior quality of meat products and will help preserve our industry for future generations of the Market meat purveyors.

In the gourmet provisions, we offer premium spices, herbs, and condiments. We ensure that each and every one of our products is superior in its category. We are raising the bar when it comes to shopping for your culinary items; we only supply the highest quality items in the Market.

The Market first store is located within Backyard flagship showroom in Khobar Business Gate Complex.